The frustration many homeowners face when listing a property is wondering why their house isn’t selling. As your home’s owner you can possibly be overlooking downfalls of your property that potential buyers pick up on. Many new homebuyers have a keener eye than you think and your home’s downfalls may be very apparent to them, making it hard to sell your property.

Every home buyer has their list of must-haves. Some want a few extra feet between neighboring houses, others want high dining room ceilings. But must-have lists aside, there are several other reasons why your home may not be selling that may not be as apparent to you, but may stick out like a sore thumb to potential buyers.

While loud nearby streets, junky neighbors and a small yard are all downsides of a property that are hard to argue, there are more unappealing factors that you may have never thought of.

Unfinished Renovation Projects:

Renovation projects aren’t appealing to everyone, especially the buyer who is looking for a “turn-key” property. Do you have an unfinished deck in the backyard or a gutted bathroom that never got completed? You can bet that unresolved projects are a big turnoff for potential buyers. Unless a buyer is looking for a fixer-upper, a home in need of work will not be appealing.

Dated Layout:

Older homes and homes that have been added onto don’t always meet a buyer’s expectations due to poor layouts and cramped spaces. In many cases a wall removed here and there can fix the problem of a poor layout, but sometimes a home is too far from meeting the needs of 21st century buyers. The fix for a dated layout is proper staging.

Distracting Clutter:

Clutter can make or break a sale. When things are piled up around your home potential buyers aren’t able to see your home for what it truly is. They aren’t able to see its potential. Thankfully, clutter is an easy fix. Simply picking up everything that doesn’t belong and neatly storing it will help move your home along.


Home odors are a touchy subject, but this topic is a must to cover. Even the sweetest of smells can deter a buyer whose nose doesn’t agree with them. To you, the homeowner, strong smells may be hard to pick up on. It’s very difficult for a home buyer to accept a smelly home. Whether smells come from pet odors that have seeped their way into the carpet, damp mildew smells that are now stuck in the walls or cooking smells, new homeowners know that such smells will take a lot of work to get rid of. Clean your home thoroughly to help remove smells.


There is always a market for an older home with lots of character, but an older home whose age doesn’t work to its advantage is more likely to be seen as a money pit. No matter how much character your home has, if it hasn’t been properly cared for this may be the answer to why your home is not selling. Invest in refurbishing its character.